Pray for wisdom for our pastor. He is often confronted with incredibly challenging situations and decisions and need God's wisdom to continue to be the leader God has called him to be.
Pray for our pastor's protection. He will be attacked in so many ways.
Pray for our pastor's family. They need encouragement. They need prayer. Many times, they get the leftovers of his time.
Pray for our pastor to withstand the critics and bullies. Some are overt and aggressive; others are passive aggressive. All are painful. And every pastor has them.
Pray against discouragement from members leaving. It's hard for the pastor not to take it personally.
Pray against discouragement from decline. Two out of three congregations in North America are declining. That is a painful and discouraging reality for pastors. 
Pray against discouragement from disunity. The Enemy loves it when church members fight one another.
Pray for discernment for "yes" and "no". Pastors are pulled in a multitude of directions. They are expected to be in so many meetings, so many social events, and so many pastoral situations. They are really expected to be omnipresent. Pray they will be able to say "no" more often. Pray for their families who often get the scanty leftovers of the pastor's time.
Pray for gospel opportunities. Pastors are energized when they have the opportunity to share the gospel.
Let us pray for our pastor starting today and five minutes of each day, pray for our pastor. It may be the greatestes contribution you can make to your church.
Exerpts from Thomas Rainer: Ways to Pray for Your Pastor