Scripture Genesis 16:13

What a wonderful blessing it is to know that our heavenly Father is the ever-present God (Mathew 28:20).

There are times in our lives when we feel all alone and think no one cares for us or sees us. As we move slowly through life, as if on “automatic pilot,” our daily tasks become so programmed that we have no thought of what is happening in and about us.  That is, until a crisis comes. We forget that God sees us, while for others all around us it’s business as usual, as they have no clue about us or our crisis. Praise God that He sees us and cares about our crisis.

Sometimes when in our crisis, we use all our resources and call out for human help but to no avail. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that God sees us, just as He did Hagar in her wilderness. He sees and hears us, too. He is our El-Roi, the God who sees (Genesis 16:13). Our wilderness may not be a desert place. It may be within the walls of our lovely homes or churches. Nevertheless, our Lord hears us as we call upon Him. He comes speedily to our rescue (Psalm 91:15) because He sees us and knows the way we take.

If we bow our heads or look up to Him, He inclines His ear unto us, that we might know that El-Roi se sys (Psalm 116:2). Just as a loving parent watching a helpless child, God protects and preserves us from danger. This thought should make one cry out, “What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits unto me?” (Psalm 116:12-14)

It is, indeed, a wonderful blessing to be a child of the King. Thank you, Lord!

Pray for Pastors everywhere. Remember noontime prayer, we become one at "The Altar." Pray now for world peace. For we know not what tomorrow will bring.

 — Catherine Raphael

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