Scripture - Jonah Chapter 2:

While walking down spiritual memory lane, the Holy Spirit brought to mind Jonah's dilemma. There are times when our loving, kind, and gracious God has to result to drastic measures to get our attention. God told Jonah to go one way and he deliberately went in another direction. When we view Jonah’s dilemma, we may shake our heads and say shame, shame! If we are not careful, we too can find ourselves in a storm because of blatant disobedience. 

Jonah's disobedience took him on a downward spiral, causing others to become fearful, overwhelmed, confused, and in danger. As Christians, we are an example and a testimony of our Lord wherever we find ourselves. Jonah endangered his life and the lives of others because of his disobedience. When we find ourselves in this kind of situation, even then, our Lord will come to our rescue. We serve a gracious and compassionate God, who sees us, and hears us, and ready to answer our cry. He rescues us from the harm we have done to ourselves and others. 

Jonah went down, down, down, into the deep-sea. The floods came (trouble), billows and waves passed over Jonah; weeds wrapped around his head (more trouble). Jonah went down to the bottom of the mountains beneath the deep-sea. Then Jonah remembered the Lord, prayed, and came out of the belly of the fish. The Lord heard Jonah's prayer and commanded the fish to release Jonah.

Like many of us, Jonah was in trouble, three days and three nights. Question. What was Jonah doing those three days and three nights? Was he struggling with the fish, obviously he was not praying. Can you imagine three days without prayer? Why did he think he could get himself out of that situation? Oftentimes we carry our burdens; we talk about our burdens, we tell others about our burdens, then finally, we take our burdens to the Lord like Jonah (Jonah 2:7).

After boarding the wrong vessel going the wrong way, Jonah was cast into the seas, over taken by billows and waves, his head wrapped in weeds, then Jonah remembered the Lord and prayed. We read in verse 10, “The Lord spoke to the fish and immediately Jonah was freed.

What burdens have you been carrying for three plus days? When in trouble, remember the Lord said "I will hear you before you call and answer while you speak” (Isaiah 65:24).

Think on these things......

Tell somebody about Jesus today. Pray for all Pastors. Remember, we are one at the throne (1 Thess. 5:17).

— Sister Catherine Raphael