A prayer you can pray for the pastor of your church, or pastors you hear/watch preach elsewhere:

"Lord, remember my pastor as You care for those who need You most. I pray that You will keep my pastor strong. I pray that You will keep him vibrant in Your word. And that You will keep him close to You so that he can lead me and others to be the people that we’re supposed to be. Strengthen my pastor and give him rest of mind and heart as well as the ability to carry on the burdens of ministry. Help him not to become discouraged. Show me how to encourage my pastor so that he’s not feeling alone. Help me also to be sensitive to the other people and other demands and all that he has to do to serve the congregation so that I don’t seek to dominate his time.

Father I pray for my pastor that he will be kept vibrant and that he will not succumb to the pressures and stresses of ministry. Guard him from the struggles of ministry as well as the loneliness of ministry. Keep my pastors’ family strong so that the ministry doesn’t become a competition to his home life. Create a home culture for them in that his children don’t develop a negative concept of ministry because of the involvement of the pastor for the ministry. Father, cover my pastor fully and may I never lose sight of praying for him and his wellbeing. In Christ, Amen"

Prayer from a Facebook Post by Dr. Evans: https://www.facebook.com/drtonyevans/photos/a.145696625443446/2092375597442196/?type=3

Dr. Tony Evans